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D-mai Paris
A school of make-up created by a makeup Artist

Professional makeup artist, a person who helps turn dreams into reality, a profession that takes more than a dream to master.

In creating the D-mai, it is makeup Artist Houda Remita’s desire to open the doors to opportunity, nurture new talent and help aspirants make headway into the exciting worlds of fashion, cinema, audiovisual arts, entertainment and show business, etc.

Rigorous training and education, delivered by a team of recognised professionals, designed to teach you the art of selecting and using various make up products, cosmetic materials and colours, so as to capture light on the face and body, reveal special features, and achieve a complete transformation. In a nutshell: it’s the art of creating. Because mastery over techniques is not everything.

At D-mai, we understand that makeup is also an art, deeply rooted in history and the cultures of the world.