Hair stylist

School of continuing education for pro make up artists
Hair styling class for make up artists

Goals :

  • Gain the hair styling basis knowledge and beauty care
  • Meet the growing needs of hair-makeup artist.
Unit 1

Learn how to use hair tools : comb, curlers, hot curlers, hairbrush, hairdryer, hair mousse, etc…
– Practice on training head mannequin
– Get the methodology

Unit 2

Learn how to style the hair
– Get the methodology
– Hair styling on training head mannequin

Unit 3

Learn how to use differents clips, backcombing …
– Learn fast hair styling and hair ties
– Practice differents hair knowledge

Unit 4
Working on model
– Hair styling on model (free work depends on the hair texture and length)
– Use the hair styling basis knowledge to style the hair on a model
Dates : 05 to 23 of september 2022 (105 hours)