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A place of learning, an openness to creativity

Based in the 11th district of Paris : cosmopolitan scents of Belleville , trendy nights of Oberkampft, the activity of Republic and, very close by the refreshing Saint Martin Canal and its formers.

Full of energy and full of charm, the area attracts designers, stylists, photographers and all kinds of artists. It is here that the D-mai make up school settled down, set back in a quiet cul-de sac, facing to the Darvoy street, making the working conditions optimal.

The layout of the premises was organized to favour at the same time individual concentration and the exchange between students and teachers. The classroom is completely dedicated to the make-up work around removable dressing tables. A library space is integrated into it as well as an internet post for documentary research.

The D-mai make up school makes every effort to welcome its students in an atmosphere as pleasant as studious.

D-mai on the radio

Houda Remita, founder and director of D-mai makeup school, was invited to participate to Grantanfi, a France Culture magazine animated by Martin Quenehen. She took part with Sophie Chassat, philosopher and blogger, Armelle Kaiser, pedagogical coordinator at ISIPCA Versailles and Dominique Paquet, philosopher, author of “Miroir, mon beau miroir”.