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3 months course Makeup Pro

Become an experienced make-up artist in 3 months

The objective of the 3-month Professional Make-up Artist training is to give you the necessary skills to become an experienced make-up artist in the beauty industry.

It will allow you to :

  • master makeup techniques for different skin types, face shapes and occasions, as well as understand current fashion trends
  • Represent a cosmetic brand as a makeup consultant
  • work with private clients for events such as weddings
  • assist a professional make-up artist


The skills targeted by our professional makeup artist training are the following:

  • suggest makeup looks that are appropriate for each model, taking into account their skin, face shape and the occasion for which they are wearing makeup
  • Identify the needs and expectations of individual clients for events such as weddings, and respond effectively by creating customized looks
  • Represent makeup ideas in the form of face charts to communicate clearly and accurately with clients and work teams
  • Represent cosmetic brands as a makeup consultant, knowing the products and makeup techniques to propose them to clients

Our beauty makeup training is designed for beginners who want to become professional makeup artists. In addition to gaining solid theoretical knowledge, you will have the opportunity to practice your skills by doing makeup sessions with experienced makeup artists. These hands-on sessions will allow you to perfect your technique and develop your confidence by working with industry professionals.

Theory Based Courses

Art and Culture
History of Beauty
History of Costume

Anatomy of the Face and Skin Aging

Chromatology / Study of Colour

Makeup base 1 practicals courses

Composition of the case
Presentation of the material and products
Knowledge of the different textures: cream, dry, liquid, fat, gel, powder
Sensitization to light

Make-up of the complexion
Preparation of the skin for a good make-up hold
Application of foundation according to skin tone
Sculpting, shading, highlighting a face

Eye makeup
Eyebrow work
Eye contour, pencil work
Application of eye shadow
Mascara application

Make-up of the mouth
Application of lip pencil and lipstick
The different renderings: moisturized, matte, glossy…

Makeup base 2 practicals courses

Complexion makeup
Different textures: nude, matte, powdery, oily, pearly, glossy, sweaty, freckles…
Face tanning technique
Porcelain complexion technique for the face
Application of blushes

Eye makeup
Eyebrow work: camouflage, redraw, fade…
Eye shadows (gradient, flat, glossy, graphic…)
Use of eye liner
Working with false lashes
Techniques for applying mascara
Use of glitter, pearlescent powders

Make-up of the mouth
Application of Dark Lipsticks;

Makeup for Those Over the Age of 40
Working with Textures

Corrective Makeup
Camouflaging Imperfections , Bruises, Sunburn, Rosacea, Angiomas /Spiders…
Knowledge of Products and their Proper Use

Other practicals courses

Fashion and Beauty through the Centuries:
A dive into the history of makeup, exploring techniques and trends from antiquity to the early twentieth century.

Dates : September 30 2024 to December 19, 2024



– Have a developed artistic and aesthetic sense.
– Ability to work in a team.


– Minimum age 18 years.
– Bachelor’s degree level desired.


To ensure that the course takes place in the best conditions, the D-mai Paris make-up school limits its group to 16 people. A minimum of 6 participants is required to start the course.


The Make-up Artist/Hairstylist training is taught by Houda Remita and other instructors who are experts in their field.



Deposit requested upon registration to confirm the course: 1 600 €.
First payment at the beginning of October: 2 700 €.
Second payment at the beginning of November: 1 200 €.
Accepted means of payment: checks and transfers.


A certificate of completion will be given to the trainee at the end of the course.