3 months course Makeup Pro

Basics in beauty and fashion makeup: technical and cultural approach.

Goals of the professional make-up artist training:

  • Discovery of cultural trends in beauty and fashion makeup
  • Complete teaching of the technical basics of professional makeup
  • Understanding the historical evolutions of makeup from antiquity to the present day
Theory Based Courses

Art and Culture
History of Beauty
History of Costume

Anatomy of the Face and Skin Aging

Chromatology / Study of Colour

Makeup base 1 practicals courses

Composition of the Vanity / Makeup Case
Presentation of Equipment, Cosmetic Materials and Products
Knowledge of Different Textures: Cream, Dry, Liquid, Fatty, Gel, Powder,
Light sensitivity

Skin Tone – Complexion
Preparing the skin in order to achieve good makeup results and effects
Complexion based on skin tones
Accentuating and highlighting the face

Working on the eyebrows
Eye contouring
Application of eye shadows
Application of mascara

Lips / Mouth
Application of lip liners and lipsticks
Different effects: moisturised, matte, gloss, etc.

Makeup base 2 practicals courses

Different Textures: Nude, Matte, Powdery, Fatty, Oily, Pearly, Gloss, Sweaty,
Freckles …
Face Tanning Technique
Technique for Porcelain Face Skin Tone
Application of Blushes

Working on the eyebrows: camouflaging, redrawing, bleaching …
Eye shadows (shading, flat, gloss, graphic …)
Using eyeliner
Working with False Eyelashes
Techniques for applying mascara
Using Glitter, Pearl Powders

Lips / Mouth
Application of Dark Lipsticks;

Makeup for Those Over the Age of 40
Working with Textures

Corrective Makeup
Camouflaging Imperfections , Bruises, Sunburn, Rosacea, Angiomas /Spiders…
Knowledge of Products and their Proper Use

Fashion Makeup / Makeup Artist
Fashion Show Makeup: Ready to Wear / Haute Couture
Study of Trends and Research Projects

Other practicals courses

Fashion and Beauty through the Centuries:
From antiquity to the present time, with in depth study of the latest Trends

Dates : 4 october 2021 to 17 december 2021