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D-mai videos

Dive into the creative world of D-mai students

D-mai School is pleased to present videos of makeup work done by its students.The makeup projects were created by talented and passionate students, who worked hard to produce spectacular and original makeup creations.

These videos of D-mai’s student makeup projects cover a wide range of styles and techniques. Students explored themes such as movie makeup, fashion makeup, special effects makeup, artistic makeup, and more. Each creation is unique, reflecting the creativity and personality of the student who created it.

Each creation reflects the students’ commitment and determination to create something truly special. The makeup creations of D-mai students are an impressive demonstration of the talent and creativity of the next generation of professional makeup artists.

As a training center for artistic makeup, D-mai Paris offers its students practical exercises with a high creative content. The most varied and unexpected themes are proposed to them.

Indeed, anything can be a source of inspiration for a Makeup Artist: such and such a great pictorial trend, pop culture, tribal statuary, the tradition of masks in Africa or Asia or even a masterpiece of literature… The list is not exhaustive!

In short, the D-mai school is proud to present, in video, the make-up works of its students. These makeup creations represent the fruit of the students’ hard work and are a testament to their talent and creativity. We are convinced that these young makeup artists have a bright future ahead of them and we can’t wait to see what they will create next.