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Specialist Make-up artist training

9-month training cycle: research, creation, specialization in fashion, audiovisual, cinema and theater make-up.

Same program as the Makeup Pro and Makeup Artist Courses during the first 6 months + specific contents for 3 additional months.

Objectives of the Make-up Artist training

The 9-month Make-up Artist training course aims to acquire the fundamentals of make-up for Beauty, Fashion, Cinema and Theater. It gives an overview of the skills to master in order to become a professional make-up artist in the Fashion and Beauty, Audiovisual, Theatre, Cinema and Performing Arts sectors. It allows you to collaborate as a make-up artist in a team of photos, advertising films, events, cinema, etc.

The targeted skills are :

to propose different types of make-up in coherence with the model, taking into account the technical constraints, the needs and the wishes of the different interlocutors (photographers, directors, actors, stylists, directors, etc.)
contribute to the construction of a character by creating an adapted make-up
master small special effects techniques (wounds, small prostheses…)
create moustache, sideburns and goatee hairpieces and use the hair-by-hair technique
create make-up from cultural and artistic references
propose make-up sketches – face charts and make-up inspirations in the form of moodboards
combine basic ingredients (water, fats, dyes, pigments…) to create a makeup product
establish a work plan and an estimate

Our Makeup Artist course is designed for beginners who wish to become professional makeup artists. In addition to acquiring solid theoretical knowledge, you will have the opportunity to put your skills into practice by doing makeup sessions with makeup artists. These hands-on sessions will allow you to perfect your technique and develop your confidence by working with industry professionals.

Makeup Artist Professional Training Program:

The Makeup Artist training program spans 9 months, including the basic Makeup Artist Pro, Makeup Artist training, followed by a 3-month specialization. It covers the skills and knowledge needed to become a professional makeup artist in the fashion, beauty, film, audiovisual, live performance and theater industries.

Theatrical makeup

Presentation of Equipment, Cosmetic Materials and Products
Study of Various Textures
Screenplay / Script Based Makeup Requirements
Study of the Work Plan for a Film
Makeup Continuity
Cinema Lighting and Constraints of the Digitised Image
Makeup: Natural Look
Makeup: Enhanced Natural Look
Makeup: Sophisticated Look
Special effects
Aging Face and Hands
Postiches – Hair Pieces (Maintenance and Installation), Mustache, Sideburns, Beard, Hairstroke Simulation Technique, Unshaven Look (Stubble)
Postiche Crêpe Hair

Makeup for films

Presentation of Equipment, Cosmetic Materials and Products
Study of Various Textures
Light sensitivity
Focused Study of Plays
Characters from Classical and Contemporary Theatre Repertory
Creation of Characters
Structure: Lights and Shadows
Working with Postiches – Hair Pieces

Dates: September 30 2024 to June 19 2025

Modality: On-site
Timetable: 9:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Weekly duration: 26 hours

Admission requirements


Be passionate about art and creativity,
Have an appreciation for images and artistic culture.

Public concerned

– Be at least 18 years old,
– Have a diploma of Bac or equivalent for an optimal training experience.

Limit of participants for an optimal experience

To ensure a quality experience, the D-mai Paris makeup school maintains a small group size of 16 participants maximum. However, to ensure the viability of the training, a minimum of 6 participants is required.


The Makeup Artist course is taught by Houda Remita and a team of experts in their field.


A certificate of completion will be given to the trainee at the end of the course.

Validation of your skills by a jury of professionals during the final exam of the training, delivery of a certificate from the D-mai Paris makeup school attesting to your mastery of the techniques, know-how and skills of makeup.

Cost of the course: 8 400 €.

Terms of payment

Deposit requested upon registration to confirm the course: 2 200 €.
First payment at the beginning of October: 2 600 €.
Second payment at the beginning of November: 2 000 €.
Third payment at the beginning of December: 1 600 €.
Accepted means of payment: checks and transfers.