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Testimonials from students

Inspiring testimonials from our former students

D-mai Paris Makeup School is proud of its alumni who have decided to share their experience and journey with us.
During their training, our alumni learned the latest makeup techniques, including stage makeup, fashion makeup, beauty makeup and much more. They worked on real models in photo shoots and fashion shows, which allowed them to develop their creativity and put into practice what they had learned in class.
Their internships were key moments in their training. They had the opportunity to work with experienced professionals, see how they handle the challenges of the business, and develop their confidence by working on real clients.
Our alumni have also benefited from personalized follow-up and ongoing support from our teachers, which has allowed them to grow and succeed. They also learned how to manage their own business by being trained in the administrative, legal and financial aspects of their future profession.

Today, our former students work in the fashion industry, the film industry and in the most prestigious companies in the sector. They are proud of their training at D-mai and of all they have accomplished since then.
We are delighted to share their stories with you, and we hope you will be inspired by their journey. If you have a passion for makeup and want to make it your career, join us at D-mai for superior training and an unforgettable experience.

Agathe Mazzini

Specialist Makeup Artist – Promotion 2020-2021

Camille, Eloise, Zoé, Shin, Marie, Julie

Specialist Makeup Artist Promotion 2021-2022

Specialist Makeup Artist – Promotion 2018-2019

Marguerite Machuel

Sohphea, Sara, Maelys, Anaelle

Specialist Makeup Artist – Promotion 2017-2018

Aurélie Deltour

Makeup Artist Promotion  2014-2015

Louisa Gotty

Hairdressing Makeup Promotion 2012-2013

Ludovic Cadeo

Makeup Artist Promotion 2012-2013

Alexia Taleb

Specialist Makeup Artist – Promotion 2014-2015

Contance Haond

Hairdressing Makeup – Promotion 2013-2014

Metha Gontier

Makeup Artist Promotion  2011-2012