6 months course Makeup Artist

Research, creation, specialization in Fashion, HD TV Broadcasting and traditional Video.

Same program as the Makeup Pro Course during the first 3 months + specific contents for 3 additional months.

Goals of the professional make-up artist training:

  • Discovery of cultural trends in beauty and fashion makeup
  • Complete teaching of the technical basics of professional makeup
  • Understanding the historical evolutions of makeup from antiquity to the present day
  • Manicure training and work on fashion makeup for fashion shows, fashion photos and initiation to TV and HD makeup
  • Teaching the history of fashion photography
Theory Based Courses

Art and Culture
History of Costume
Masks and Ornaments
Ethnic Arts

Still photo makeup practicals courses

Print Publication (Magazines): Studio,outdoor, black & whitte, colour, cover, beauty series, fashion series…

Men makeup practicals courses

Print publications, fashion shows …

Fashion shows makeup practicals courses

Ready to Wear / Haute Couture
Study of Trends and Research Projects

Sources of inspiration practicals courses

Researching and Putting into Practice.

Every makeup artist draws his / her inspiration from the art world and diverse cultures:
Icons and the Muses
Ethnic Cultures
Flora and Fauna

Free Style / Stylised Faces and Figures practicals courses

Free Expression with Makeup
Face and Body Painting, Collage, Transformation / Metamorphosis of Products

Manicure practicals courses

Natural nail and hand care
Traditional or Conventional Hand Care with Scrub, Paraffin Bath, Mask and Conventional Hand Massage
Applying Nail Polish
Applying False Nails

Makeup for HD TV Broadcasting practicals courses

The Rendering of High Definition TV: Explanation
Understanding the Differences from Makeup for Traditional Video
Makeup Application Techniques with Sponges and / or Brushes
The different types of HD Makeup foundation for different skin tones (liquids, compacts)
Skin Tone: Very Transparent But Powdery
Study on Colourimetry in HD TV
The Technique of Airbrush Makeup Application

Makeup for traditional video practicals courses

In Studio and Outdoors :
Working with skin tones (on women and men)
Structuring of the eyes
Colorimetric Study for correcting skin tones and blemishes: dark circles, redness, acne and pimples …

Dates : 04 october 2021 to 31 march 2022